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Explosion Proof

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Explosion proof | Frequently Asked Questions Schischek GmbH Explosionproof

We want to supply to you technical information and advice for the safe installation and operation of electrical explosion-proof equipment. Skillful handling of ex-devices in hazardous areas (ex-zones) can prevent damage and thus help reduce costs. Correct planning, installation, commissioning and maintenance are prerequisites for smooth technical approvals and safe operations. You can draw conclusions for your own installation from the concrete topics and examples given below.

Explosionproof FAQ Why do I need an explosion proof damper actuator?

Explosionproof FAQ Using a pressure sensor within an Ex area?

Explosionproof FAQ Opening an Ex-e junction/terminal box during operation?

Explosionproof FAQ Ex dust area
Can I use an explosion proof device approved for gases, vapours etc.
in Ex dust areas?

Explosionproof FAQ Measuring an intrinsically safe circuit
Can I take measurements using a standard multi-meter on an intrinsically safe circuit?

Explosionproof FAQ Installation of intrinsically safe circuits

Explosionproof FAQ Equipotential bonding

Explosionproof FAQ Sealed casing around standard equipment

Explosionproof FAQ Repair of explosion proof devices

Explosionproof FAQ Approved tools for use in hazardous (Ex) areas

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Colour Code

ATEX products for
zone 1, 2, 21, 22
(e.g. ExMax)

ATEX products for
zone 2, 22
(e.g. RedMax)

Products for
safe area
(e.g. InMax)

Coated versions
(e.g. ..Bin..-CT / OCT)

Stainless steel versions AISI 316
(e.g. ExCos-P)